We are our storiesShaping our past experiences into a story helps us make sense of the world and our place in it. Stories communicate our most cherished values and dearly-held beliefs. They bring history to life by animating what might otherwise be a dull collection of facts with the deeper meaning of lived experience. Stories bring us together in celebration of our commonalities even while they honor our differences.


“Though many years ago, that day Kim interviewed me for Sisterhood of War is an indelible memory. With her presence and manner, it was clear that she wanted to know my story. Troublesome memories were probed ever so gently. I felt SAFE. Besides, before anything would be published, I was allowed full privilege to proof. 

And because she was aware of the values and tragedies of the Sixties, she asked only appropriate and clarifying questions. 

With great honor, I highly recommend Kim as an excellent oral historian. She is the BEST.”

–Mary O’Brien Tyrrell, Vietnam Veteran and President, Memoirs, Inc., I. Memoirs®
Author, Become a Memoirist for Elders: Create a Successful Home Business