My first news update — how exciting!

This year, I have had the great pleasure of becoming familiar with the work of the Minnesota Humanities Center (MHC), in particular its Veterans’ Voices program. This program shares veterans’ experiences through different forms of humanities-based storytelling. One such initiative is the “Echoes of War” public discussion series, which uses literature by and about veterans to initiate conversations about war, memory, and military experiences. In August, I attended a training workshop to become one of the discussion leaders for this program and will be co-facilitating the series in Northfield this fall.

As part of my work with the MHC, I have been discussing the potential for using oral history as one form of storytelling for veterans. I have seen the powerful effects of a veterans oral history project, not only on the veterans who tell their stories, but also on the audiences who hear or read their stories. The MHC asked me to write a post about this for their blog, and here it is:


Be sure to check out the MHC website for more information on the “Echoes of War” program, too. I’d love to see you in Northfield!


Veterans, Oral History, and The Minnesota Humanities Center

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